Jacaranda map of Brisbane

Brisbane blooms in Spring when the beautiful purple flowers of the Jacaranda tree decorate our streetscape.

The Jacaranda tree is native to Brazil but has made a home for itself in Brisbane and everywhere you look - streets, parks, schools and gardens are covered with splashes of purple during Spring.


While the season seems to begin earlier each year due to climate changes, the picturesque purple trees are always a welcome sight and many people enjoy visiting various Brisbane locations to admire their beauty.

In celebration of these magnificent trees here at Lady Brisbane I've created a map for you highlighting a few of the magical Jacaranda locations in Brisbane. If you tap on the box in the top right corner of my map you will see the full list of locations.

Happy Jacaranda hunting.  Let me know, in the comments below, if you find anymore locations and perhaps I can add them to my map in time for Jacaranda season next year.