Christmas recipe ideas

Are you entertaining this Christmas? Yes I hear you say, I am too on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we go to my parents and enjoy the day with family. If you are looking for a different salad to make this year or perhaps a variation on a turkey recipe, then look no further as I have pulled together a mix of sides, mains and desserts as well as a range of full menu ideas.

I hope by breaking down the recipes into separate categories as well as including a selection of full menu ideas (with a handy time plan) and including the links in my list below I can make your Christmas planning a little easier.

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Image credit - Recipe Tin Eats

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Sides and Salads

Christmas Day sides and salads -

Christmas sides - New Idea Food

Things to Have on the Side - Recipe Tin Eats

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Super easy Christmas main -

Garlic Herb Slow Cooker Turkey - Recipe Tin Eats

Turkey Gravy - Recipe Tin Eats

Prawns with Herby Mayo - Delicious

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Never Ending Meringue Tart - Recipe Tin Eats

Ginger Cream Biscuit Log -

Christmas Desserts - New Idea Food

Christmas Trifle - Recipe Tin Eats

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Happy Christmas feasting and if you have a recipe that you would like to share, we would love you to do so below plus if you have leftovers, which most of us do, here are some ideas as to what to do with them.

Enjoy x